Whether you are a seasoned pro, an enthusiastic amateur or just starting out in the world of endurance sport, it’s always handy to have some tips you can fall back on to help you on your journey.

Once again in 2018 we are lucky to have HIGH5 Sports Nutrition as one of our sponsors and they will be providing our athletes with nutrition and training tips throughout the year.

At our events this year you will see a range of HIGH5 products which you can use during the event – but what are they and what do they do?

Energy Gel

High 5 Energy gel
Energy Source
High 5 Energy Source

High 5 Isogel
Energy Bars

High 5 Energy Bars

High 5 Zero
Obviously to experiment with your nutrition during a race is not a sensible option however, now that you know what you are getting at a huub event, visit the HIGH5 store to try different products and different flavours!

High 5 Home

high5 have also worked with specialist coaches to put together some training plans for runners and cyclists who want to up their game at longer distances.
Running Training Plan
Cycling Training Plan

throughout the course of the year High5 will be providing us with training tips, product updates and competitions so keep an eye on the HUUBEvents Facebook page and Twitter account for up to date information.