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Timms Solicitors are a Derby based law firm who are the principal sponsors for the Derby Business Games. In this months Q&A we interviewed Marketing Manager Sharon Jeffery.

  1. What are your goals for the next 12 months?

According to my PT, I need to up my game and take myself out of my comfort zone. He has suggested a ‘Half Ironman’ but even saying that out loud freaks me out. I do agree, I need a challenge, I love the excitement of taking on something new but I might just start with something a little less scary like Olympic distance.

  1. What inspired you to become involved in triathlon?

My family is a big motivation, there’s nothing better than seeing my girls screaming and waving their ‘Go Mummy’ banners somewhere along the course. I’m keen that they see what an achievement participation in sport can be. I love the life lessons they are already gaining from being involved and I am also delighted that they choose to participate themselves rather than sitting in front of the TV or the Ipad.

  1. What do you look for in an event?

I look for something accessible with other participants at a similar standard to me. I’m realistic in that I’ll never win but want to challenge myself at the same time. If it’s a cycling sportive, I’ll always look at the route, more importantly the hills (!!) It’s always nice to go somewhere different and try another route.

  1. What advice do you have for people who are thinking of getting involved in sport?

Give it a go!! Be organised and work out a plan that suits you. I’m a working mum with a husband that works away so training has to fit around these priorities, sometimes even squeezing a swim, run or spin class in at lunch if the week looks busy.

Also, I’ve found out what a lovely bunch of people you meet. I was petrified of going in Markeaton lake at last year’s Jenson Button Triathlon but ended up racking my bike in between two lovely ladies who took me round to the start and restored my confidence.

  1. What’s your favourite piece of sports kit?

My swimming floats – I swam competitively as a child so understand the benefits of a pull buoy and kickboard in my pool training sessions.

  1. What’s been your major achievement in sport so far?

Running the Great North Run pregnant. I only found out two weeks before the race after feeling so run down and sick! Only my husband and I knew so I took it steady, monitored my heart rate throughout and drank loads of water. I’ve still got my race number with my secret medical information on it! J

  1. Who is your favourite Sports person on social media

Ali and Jonny Brownlee – I love their sibling rivalry and the banter they have. You get a real feel for their passion and love of sport.

  1. What would your Autobiography be called?

‘Jeffers Does Tri’…. that is a joke!!!!

‘In at the Deep End’, ‘Out of my Depth’

  1. You have a private Jet at the ready, who do you take and where do you go?

A child free holiday?Somewhere hot but with plenty to do as I don’t sit still. I’d like to go back to South Africa and I should really take my husband, Rob.


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