Billie & trophy

Getting to Know….Billie Jordan Butler

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Billie is a very active 10 year old from Norwich who has been following in her father’s footsteps with triathlon since she was a toddler!  She has been winning running races and swimming races from an early age but it was in 2016 that she was finally old enough to compete in triathlons, winning her first race –  Norwich Junior triathlon – and ending up as Eastern Region Champion for the Tri Start age group!

Chrissie Wellington was an early inspiration but Billie has a new found friend and a huge inspiration source in Lucy Gossage.  Billie is also a huge fan of HUUB kit and keeps us up to date on what she’s wearing and what races she is doing.

Billie & Lucy Gossage

1.What are your goals for 2018?

In 2018 I want to be Eastern Champion again and me and daddy are doing extra bike training so that I get stronger. My friend Lucy Gossage told me that I must keep on riding my bike lots and lots and I will get super speedy. I have been doing some training with my other friend Kim Morrison and I sometimes have some lessons with her in her endless pool. And next year I will be old enough to swim at the County swim galas and I have already qualified at 50, 100, 200 and 400 freestyle and 50 and 100 breastroke. I was poorly for some other races and I missed them. I will be racing 10 and 11 year olds but I will try and smash them up.

 2.What inspired you to become involved in triathlon?

I wanted to do triathlons because my daddy did them and I watched him do an Ironman and one day I met Chrissie Wellington and I said I would race her Kona. But now I am friends with Lucy and Kim and I want to be super speedy like them. 

3.What do you look for in an event?

Well my daddy enters all my races for me and I just do them but he asks me if I want to do them and normally I will but if I have done it before and I did not like it then I will say no. Sometimes we look for races where there is a race for daddy as well like at Jenson Button, I did that one two times now, first with daddy and then with Deano and we should have raced together but I smashed him up and then waited at the finish for him. That was funny. 
4.What advice do you have for people who are thinking of getting involved in triathlons?

My daddy is always talking to people and saying they should try it and I just say it is really fun and it makes you healthy and you make lots of friends and get to go lots of places. And sometimes I get to be off school because I have to go far away to race. Like one day I did a 5k in Cyprus and I was 18th female overall and I fell over and cut my knees but it was still fun. And when you say you do triathlons everyone thinks you are well cool and my teachers call me sporty kid. 
5.What’s your favourite piece of sports equipment & why?Billie Jordan Butler

I love my pink bike that daddy got for me and I love all my HUUB kit but my favourite is my HUUB wetsuit. Deano made it for me and it is the smallest Axena he ever made. Most of my races are in swimming pools but I wear it in my open water races and when I practice in the lake. When I first went to HUUB and saw Deano and got it I slept in it . 
6.What’s been your major achievement in sport so far?

My best achievement so far is when I won my Eastern Region League and when I got my trophy I then went to my club awards and got another big trophy for Tristar athlete of the year and I got some special huub t shirts with Billie-Jordan Butler on I gave them to the people who had supported me. And at the Norfolk school games I was Year 4 freestyle champion at swimming. 
7.Who is your favourite sports person that you follow on social media & why?

Lucy Gossage. When she fell off her bike before Kona and broke her collarbone I made her a song to cheer her up and it helped her get better. She made a video on you tube and I am in it. When it was Ironman UK daddy took me to Ironkids and I met up with Lucy and we did a dance and I got some trainers like hers and she gave me a visor and signed it for me. And then it was my 50th parkrun and Lucy came to run with me. And this year at Ironman me and daddy went to see Lucy and I went in her car to transition and I put some #doingaLycy stickers on her helmet and her bike and then I held her bags when she racked her bike, it was so cool. And the night before Jenson triathlon I went to Lucy’s house for a BBQ  and she was really really nice. 
8.What would your autobiography be called?Billie Jordan Butler

I think I would call it Smashy Smash Smash because that’s what me and Lucy say to each other. Or I could call it Go Go Goooooo Billie because that it was Kim says to me or daddy always shouts Hammer time at me so it might be Hammer time, I might have to write three books. 
9.You have a private jet at the ready, who do you take? And where do you go?

Well I think I want to go to the Maldives or to Kona and I would take my dad and my mum, Lucy and Kim so we could all swim. All the people at HUUB and all the HUUBsters I know like David and Ben and Harry and Alistair and Jonny and we could all have races. And it must be a A380 and me and Deano and Ellie will be at the front and daddy must be at the back in case he argues with the driver